Over the past few years porcelain veneers have become a part of routine dentistry that most people are familiar with.

Due to the everyday media coverage on cosmetic makeovers, especially those seen on television, through programmes such has "10 years younger" and "extreme makeover", the smiles created are mostly through the use of "porcelain veneers"              

So what is a Veneer?

Veneers are facings that are laminated to the outer part of, normally the anterior teeth, in the smile area, and are normally made from high quality porcelain.

Veneers can be made from other materials such as tooth coloured acrylic and composite filling material, but do not have the same long term robustness and wear characteristics as porcelain.

There are a number of names associated with veneer systems, generally, providing a good quality porcelain system is used and good veneer preparation is carried out by the dentist with a good cosmetic technician, that is all that is required.

A veneer is very much like a false finger nail where it is bonded over the original tooth crown to change the shape, change the shade or change to overall position of the tooth.

The benefits in choosing veneers is that they need minimal to no preparation in most instances.  Where this is possible minimal preparation to the crown invariably allows us to cover over teeth to give a whiter, brighter fresher look… a look of youthfulness.

In some cases where there is marked discolouration or the position or the shape of the tooth is extreme and the goal is to align the teeth as much as possible giving a more balanced look, a greater depth of tooth reduction may be necessary to achieve the end look giving the final cosmetic finish.

Regardless, as preparation is still only over a smaller area.

Veneers are here to stay… more people demand that perfect smile. 

Perfect teeth and big smiles go along way… they give you confidence, get you promotion and get you noticed.