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Tooth whitening or bleaching has been about for many years in one form or another however the basic ingredient has not really changed.

The base ingredient in tooth whitening is hydrogen peroxide or similar agents that breakdown to form hydrogen peroxide.

Professionally carried out tooth whitening is safe and effective.

We always recommend that tooth whitening is supervised by a dental surgeon rather than tooth whitening kits bought over the counter or applied in beauty saloons by inadequately trained staff without the proper equipment and protection.

So how does tooth whitening work?

Over time, even with healthy intact teeth and good dental care, stains become embedded onto the surface of our teeth. They are constantly exposed to the elements and breath after breath, we draw air over the teeth which also contain pollutants along  with the  resultant drying of the tooth surface, which results in an ongoing staining process.

Drinks such as tea, coffee and red wine, along with other similar coloured drinks helps increase the staining process of teeth as well as habits such as cigarette and cigar smoking.

Over the years these stains build up despite brushing techniques and our teeth yellow. Some toothpastes may help purely because they may contain abrasives that not only remove the stain but also may be abrasive to the outer layer of the tooth.

Professional systems used by dentists invariably use Hydrogen Peroxide based whiteners that use the oxygen release to break down the stain molecules which in effect remove the stain without damage to the teeth.

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