Dental Implants are not new to dentistry…  for over 30 years we have used dental implants with ever increasing success due to ongoing improvement in modern medical and surgical  technology.

Dental Implants are small surgical grade titanium screws, which are available in different widths and lengths. When placed into the bone that would support your teeth, replacing the roots of  your teeth, the bone grows around the implant and forms a very strong bond to the titanium, a process known as osseointegration.  

Once an implant has been placed into bone and has successfully bonded, there are a number of ways in dentistry that we can use and apply dental implants.

  • Replace missing single teeth
  • Replace more than one missing tooth
  • Replace full dentures with fixed bridgework
  • To support partial dentures
  • To support and retain full dentures
  • At Haxby Family Dental we only use the best quality implants and for this reason we choose to use the Nobel Biocare system.  Nobel Biocare are well renowned for there success and development with implants. Nobel Biocare still manufacture and supply the worlds first famous "Branemark" implant developed by Professor Branemark.

If you wish to learn more about the technological and scientific information about Nobel Biocare and their implants, we suggest that you click on to find out the exciting and interesting ways in which implants may benefit you.

Do you have one or more missing teeth……
                       do you have a unsightly gap?

Have you lost one or more teeth…?  
                       Does your smile and appearance suffer…..?

Do you have dentures that look like dentures …? 
                       Feel like dentures, look old and worn…...?

Is your denture uncomfortable to wear…?   
                       Loose and moves about when talking or eating… ?

Why not ask for more information on your options regarding having dental implants….

Providing there is enough bone present and that other important factors are considered carefully, it may possible that dental implants are the treatment for you.

Single tooth implants are the ideal way to fill a space where you have only one tooth missing, especially in the anterior smile area, saving you the need for a denture or more so, using healthy teeth to place a bridge that would “bridge the gap".

Once in place, a single tooth implant, if properly cared for, becomes no different to your own root and tooth.

It is also possible to plan, again if the conditions are just right, to place the implant along with a temporary tooth to give you the immediate benefits of your implant.  We can also in some cases remove a broken down tooth and place the implant at the same time, with a temporary crown in some cases, giving you an immediate smile.

Larger Gaps?

Where there is enough bone present and we feel that not only aesthetically but functionally we can use dental implants to support a larger spanning "bridge" which could take the place of a removable denture… it could be possible to make you not only look good but feel good through having no problems with your denture dropping or having to remove it to clean.Your implant retained bridge becomes part of you.
You will have the confidence that you had before when you had your very own teeth.

Do you have full dentures?

Are they unsightly, loose and uncomfortable... especially your lower denture, where you have less gum to hold them in place … do you rely on fixatives !

From one or two implants simply to help click your denture in place to keep them from moving around, to have more implants placed that would allow a modified bridge to be permanently retained onto the implants giving you a new no denture smile.

As with any dental implant you still need sufficient bone to allow placement, but with modern technology and CT scanning we have the technology to generate 3D "X rays" to allow us the ability to place implants in the best places for the best outcome.

It is possible to even have your implants placed and the permanent bridge or denture placed on the same day.

So, exciting isn’t it….. we hear it so often after patients have had their implant treatment "I don’t know how I managed before implants"…. "I can eat properly again"  "I have my confidence back again"… "I can socialise without the fear of embarrassment" 

You too could have your smile, confidence and the ability to eat to enjoy back again with dental implants, where you can forget about the unsightly and uncomfortable dentures and enjoy with getting on with life.

For Further Information feel free to look at some of the Implant Systems we can offer and have been trained on:

Nobel Biocare: