We can keep teeth for life… and why not!

Big healthy smiles get you noticed… it makes others smile too!

Bad breath also gets you noticed as does red bleeding swollen gums!

Which would you prefer..?    

With a little effort on your part and good dental care provide by the hygiene health team at Haxby Family Dental, we will make sure that you are noticed for the right reasons.

At your initial consultation we will carry out a basic but comprehensive examination of your gums and supporting tissues.

We will give you a report on…

  • Bad Breath
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Bleeding and swollen gums
  • Receding gum lines
  • Teeth that are mobile and unsupported
  • We will advise if you require a more "in depth" periodontal (gum) examination. This is undertaken with an additional cost to your examination fee.

We also stock a number of oral hygiene products that we would recommend as part of your treatment at a competitive price.

Our hygiene department consists of Hygienist, Therapists and Oral Health Educators

Hygienists and Therapists will work under the prescription of the dentist and undertake any non surgical scaling and gum treatments. They will also take your Xrays and organise review appointments. They will give you oral health advice and recommend any aids you need to help you maintain your healthy mouth.

Oral Health Educators are especially trained staff who can demonstrate our oral care products and explain aspects of your periodontal care using the practice information and multi media systems where necessary.

With you, we will work together as a team, to help you maintain a healthy mouth…