Dental Examinations

Your examination

We will carry out a general but thorough dental, oral and facial examination after you have completed our medical health questionnaire.

Dental Examination

  • Record the teeth present and missing
  • Record all restorations present
  • Check for caries, cavities or failed restorations
  • Check your oral hygiene levels
  • Check for gum disease and bad breath
  • Check your occlusion (bite)
  • Check any dental appliances such as dentures
  • Discuss aesthetic aspects of your teeth and mouth

Oral and Facial Examination

  • Check visually all the soft tissues inside your mouth including your tongue
  • Check for lumps and bumps in and around the mouth and neck area
  • Ask your opinion on facial aesthetics including your lips or any frown or creases that may be of concern
  • As part of the examination we use dental imaging and photography to allow you to see any areas where treatment is required.

We may also need to take digital "X rays" to highlight hidden areas.. for new patients we need a set of baseline X rays. (Should there be extra charges you will be advised).

We may need to undertake more in-depth screening or investigations. These will be chargeable over and above your general examination fee.

Once your examination has been carried out we will produce a brief report and where treatment is required you will be advised and given a treatment plan with the estimated costs of your treatment as part of your informed consent.

Where treatment is required we will advise as to the urgency and structure appointments appropriately with this in mind.

We will use where necessary our multi media programmes and presentation models along with providing written information on any treatments required.