All Ceramic Crowns

"All Ceramic" crowns are used wherever possible in the anterior and sides of the mouth for superior aesthetics.

They are the cosmetic crown of choice to give you back a  replacement that is more tooth looking than ever before.

For many years now dentists have been using porcelain in some form for crown and bridge work

Where in the past only porcelain was used for crowns it no doubt failed due to the lack of strength and other inferior physical details.

Today however, with modern technology, we can offer patients all porcelain crowns.

With our new porcelains especially the "Procera" systems from Nobel Biocare or  the "Lava" systems from 3m both leaders in the dental field, we can confidently mix aesthetics with function, giving you back your good looks along with the guaranteed confidence that the crown will not functionally fail.

What is more, by using modern ceramic technology, all porcelain crowns are user friendly to the soft gum tissues around the crown and for most, you will no longer have to worry about the unsightly black line that invariably develops around the gum margin with the older porcelain bonded to metal crowns.