Three Reasons to Avoid Sticky Bonfire Night Treats

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November is upon us and over the next week you may be celebrating Bonfire Night with family and friends. You’ll probably have come across lots of advice on how to keep everyone safe at Bonfire Night events (there’s a great guide here if you need some extra tips)… but what about taking care of your teeth?

Many of the sweet treats we traditionally enjoy during bonfire night celebrations are really tough on our teeth.

Before you or your children tuck into a toffee apple or a hearty sunk of bonfire toffee, read our three  reasons to give sticky treats a wide berth.

1. The sticker the treat, the harder it’ll be to brush away.

Sticky treats can be really hard to remove from your teeth. Even the most dedicated brushers can miss very sticky bits of food, and these can lead to plaque and cavities.

2. Sticky food is very hard on fillings

If you have fillings, you’ll know that you need to pay a bit of extra care to keeping them all in place. Very sticky foods such as toffee can pull fillings out of place. Not only can this be painful, it can also be expensive to fix.

3. Hard toffees could lead to a broken or chipped tooth

Biting down on hard toffee can be really bad news for your teeth. We’ve come across patients who have chipped or broken a tooth by doing this. Ouch!

The good news here is that there are lots of tasty things that won’t have such a worrying impact on your teeth. Why not try marshmallows or hot chocolate instead?

Of course, if you do have any teeth-related incidents over the Bonfire weekend, we’re here to help. Here’s our advice on what to do if you break a filling.