What to do if Your Tooth is Knocked Out

We all try our best to take care of our teeth, but sometimes accidents happen. It’s possible for teeth to be knocked out during a trauma such as a fall or a sports incident.

If this happens, it’s important to act quickly. The quicker the tooth is able to be re-implanted, the more successful it’s likely to be. Here’s what you should do if your tooth is knocked out.

Priority one: keep calm

It may be a bit of a cliche, but it really is important to try and stay as calm as possible in situations like these. The calmer you stay, the more likely you are to remember the right things to do and to get the medical attention you need.

Priority two: make sure the knocked out tooth is safe

When a tooth has been knocked out, in many cases it’s possible to re-implant it. To do this you’ll need to find the tooth and keep it safe. You should always pick up a tooth by the white bit at the top, never at the root. Rinse the tooth with cold water or milk (Do not scrub the tooth or place it in disinfectant), then place it back in position (you may need to bite onto a handkerchief or another clean piece of fabric to hold it in place.

If you can’t reinsert the tooth, put it in a glass of milk and take it with you to an emergency dental appointment. Alternatively, if you’re unable to find the lost tooth, you should still make an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible!

Priority three: make an emergency appointment with your dentist

When a tooth is knocked out it’s considered a medical emergency, so it’s important to seek help straight away. Your first port of call will usually be your own dentist. If you don’t have a dentist, or if you can’t get an appointment with your own dentist, you may need to get in touch with a dentist who specialises in same day medical appointments.

Do you need to make an emergency dental appointment? We can help! Here’s how to contact us in a dental emergency.