Is it Time for Dentures?

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Though you may not be excited about the prospect of wearing false teeth, dentures can be an excellent solution for people who have lost some or all of their own teeth.

Dentures aren’t only for the elderly, people of any age can have them fitted. If you’re not sure whether they’re right for you, here are some signs that you may want to talk to your dentist about your options for the future.

1. The gaps between your teeth are getting bigger

If the gaps between your teeth have widened, this could be because of bone loss due to advanced gum disease.

2. Your teeth have shifted position or feel loose

Healthy teeth shouldn’t feel loose. If yours feel like this, or you think they’ve had a significant shift in position, this too could be a result of advanced gum disease.

3. You have extensive tooth decay

The early stages of tooth decay are relatively easy to treat with a filing. As the decay gets more advanced, it becomes harder for the tooth to be saved. In some cases, the only option may be to remove the decayed tooth (or teeth) and replace with a partial denture.

4. You’ve lost one or more teeth

If you’ve already lost one or more teeth, we would highly recommend that you consider dentures. Though the gap from one missing tooth may not bother you too much, especially if it’s a back tooth, it could be causing damage to your remaining teeth. Once you have a gap in your teeth, the rest of your teeth are likely to shift to fill that gap, which could cause additional dental problems.

5. You’re having trouble chewing your food

If you’re finding it difficult to properly chew your food, you’re very likely to be suffering from a dental issue such as tooth decay, gum disease or a cracked tooth.

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